About Us

“m’Kripatiņas” is a privately operated kindergarten, accepting children from ages 1,5 to 7 with core weekday hours between 7am-7pm.”m’Kripatinas” offers an exceptionally comfortable, safe educational and play environment. With the highest standards in care, our highly-qualified and experienced teachers have creatively designed rooms waiting for your children to explore, learn and have fun.


Our kindergarten offers a unique opportunity for your children to immerse themselves in a multilingual environment, currently offering Russian or Latvian and English. The process of upbringing and education is based on the principle 50/50: half of the day children speak, play and study in English, the other half of the day – in Russian or Latvian.

Our Goal

We strive to offer all of our children the necessary conditions for their comprehensive development – intellectual, creative, social and physical – in an English speaking environment. We use the best licensed educational programs.

Study Process

Everyday educational process includes 3 languages (Latvian, English, Russian), mathematics, reading and writing, sports, art, music and handicrafts.

We offer nutritionally balanced and qualitative nourishment 3 times a day, outdoors activities, wellness exercises, and of course nap time – all contributing to your child’s physical and mental wellness.

We focus on meeting each individual child’s developmental and educational needs.

The kids who are at preschool age, more easily and effectively obtain bilingual abilities through play. They are able to express their thoughts in English, perceive English language more naturally and afterwards can continue their studies at international school or abroad.

Children are totally “immersed” in an English-speaking environment. All lessons such as sports, arts, music and school preparations are taught in English. Children listen to English language then learn to comprehend, express their thoughts and feelings in English by being immersed in the environment of their teachers.


Learning a second language is easier for children up to 10 years old, and is especially easy for children under 5 years old compared to adults. The optimal time for learning two languages is from birth until the child reaches 3 years, i.e. the same time he is studying first language and his mind is still quite open and flexible. The second best period is from 4 to 7 years, since the child is still able to perceive two languages in parallel. In other words, the second language is taught at the same level as the first language, making a child carrier of two native languages.
By exposing your child to a second language, studies have proven that your child will:

  • Develop faster than their peers;
  • Be more active, confident and independent;
  • Think more logically, choose alternative ways of solving various tasks;
  • In the future they have more real chances for admission to prestigious schools and obtaining high paid position.

Our international kindergarten “m’Kripatinas” offers the perfect conditions for young children to become bilingual and by seven years old be able to speak and think fluently in two languages – English and Russian, or English and Latvian.